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freedom of speech? are you sure I may say this?

I read in one of my morning little devotional things about how we should be grateful because we have freedom of speech.
then I thought… heck yeah… we do…

but how pathetic a lot of us have become with that freedom.

we’re too “pc” these days. too politically correct,
you can’t say that, you might offend someone?
so that doesn’t make sense? where is the freedom of speech?

we as christians are too apologetic in the work place.
“I can’t mention Jesus. Because I will get fired.” (some may say)
So is that really freedom? are we really free as Christians?

They say we must obey the law of the land. We must be “politically correct”
but to the expense of the name of Jesus?

I have friends who know that Jesus can save people from their crappy situations but they cannot use the name of Jesus.
that is rubbish!

I’d like to see more people who choose the name of Jesus over being “PC” or being safe in the workplace.

Freedom of speech, yes sure?! with all these limitations… makes me sad.



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