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R.I.P – Dear May

I am very sad to hear of the passing away of May Lazenby, a dear friend and adopted granny of mine.

Back in 2001 – 2005, I worked in Ladysmith (South Africa) for ladysmith methodist church and I got to meet a lovely bunch of elderly ladies…they were so supportive of the youth ministry and what I was doing.

May, was my favourite.  I would go over to her place for cups of tea and for lunch on a few occasions.  I would always give her a big hug when I saw her at church.

and even when I moved to my next church in east london (south africa), we kept in touch.  I always phoned to see how she was doing.

Last month, thankfully I thought of her and decided to phone her.

she sounded so healthy and alive and grateful.

she talked of sturggling a bit with arthritis… but she still remained positive, she just mentioned how that is just a part of growing old.

she was such a role model of loving Jesus even in the later years of one’s life.

I got a message a few minutes ago that she passed away, really sad to hear that.

But I know she lived a full life.  She was loved by everyone.

And I am thankful I got to speak to her only a month ago,  thank you God for the prompting to call her.

R.I.P Dear Aunty May.

we will miss you.  But we also know you’re in heaven… rejoicing!  It’s beautiful up there, I can only imagine (for now)

All my love,




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