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3 Types…

I remembered this lesson from a “gifts” workshop we did at church may years ago.

When it comes to teaching (and I am sure there are other areas too), there are basically 3 types of Teachers:

1) The “Info” Champ  (Okay, so I am totally making up these terms, because I don’t remember the correct ones)

So when giving a talk on something (say the topic was: Grace), this person would deliver all the facts, figures, verses, wikipedia, definitions of Grace to you.  Some people, like learning this way.


2) The “Mr Delivery” Chump

This person is not too concerned about the content.  they’re more concerned on how the talk/presentation is delivered.  They will bring excellent gimics, good illustrations, maybe use powerpoint, show video clips and they will be so captivating to listen to.  Very passionate speakers.



3) The “Hot Potato” One

Then this one is the person who is not to concerned on content or delivery.  When they got “news” or something interesting to say, they’re just gonna say it.  No need to worry too much about content.  No need to focus on how “the talk” is presented.  Like the imagery of a hot potato.  it’s gotta be passed on…


I like to think I fall in the third category.  I like sharing these new thoughts and ideas and concepts as soon as I come across them.  Like for example, this blog I did earlier: this song found me   (Go check it out!)

Like last night, I heard the above song (follow link) and I had to share it with my friends, Emily and Rou at church.  I couldn’t wait… no way.

And that’s often why I blog and how I prepare bible study and other services.  I don’t always follow structures and plans.  I just share the latest “hot potato” topic, God gives me.  Or maybe just some thought fallen in my head 🙂

Just another random blog on a not so random day…



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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