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Grace in the parking lot. (God provides)

I went to the Hospital yesterday to get a MRI scan done on my knee because of a snowboarding injury I had, early March.

Check out the cool clothes I got to wear:

The scanner was hectic! This massive spiral thing, all metal had to be taken off… and the scanning noise, what the heck… was really really loud… even with ear plugs, headphones (tuned into Radio 2).. that noise was uncomfortable.

I decided, I don’t really like hospitals. it’s really hard and sad to see some of the hurt on people’s faces.
I do respect people “called” into that caring and medical profession. (Here is a salute… “salute”)

I think what’s harder is to see the “fear” on people’s faces. Maybe in a hospital, the unbelieving have more to fear.
I don’t know why some people would not want Jesus to walk with them in this life?

But anyway… back to the parking lot:

I needed £2 for “pay & display” parking. But I only had 1.10 in coins in my wallet.
it wasn’t a moment of panic, i could have quickly parked the car, went into the hospital and got some change from the kiosk or something.
But as I approached the parking lot, a man in another car, winded down his window and handed me his parking ticket with an hour spare on it.
Super! God provided right there.

Nothing super spiritual about that moment, but I did feel like God was whispering to me “I’ve got your back.”
That made me smile.
I tell this story… because God is in the here and now. And i want you to know that and believe it.
I tell this story… to ask you to look out, for more God moments throughout your day. YES, that is how close He is. (He’s not only in heaven)
I tell this story… because we can never give God too much credit… can we?



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

2 thoughts on “Grace in the parking lot. (God provides)

  1. its astounding to observe a yielded man, walking in the Spirit! what a blessing! thank you for your efforts…..blessings

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