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“And here I now stand in Oxford”

Last night I felt very proudly south african:

I went to watch Ladysmith Black Mambaza with supporting act: Muntu Valdo.

Check out Ladysmith Black Mambaza sing their song “HOMELESS” that they wrote with Paul Simon:

It was awesome to see how packed the Oxford theatre was and also how the audience participated. Good times.
Cultured people I guess. 🙂

What moved me a lot, was the speech by Muntu Valdo

Check out one of his live performances here.

He spoke of how when he was in school in Cameroon many years ago a lot of scholars would discuss where their dream tertiary education university would be. Most often these teenagers would say either Oxford or Cambridge.
I remember also having similar conversations in SA too.

And Muntu goes on to say that he may have not got here (Oxford) to study but here he stood in Oxford anyway.
Maybe not by academics… but by his love for music… that got him here.

That made me smile.
We should go for our dreams.

I never would have got the marks or the finances (to have studied in Oxford).
But here I have stood in Oxford a few times.

Go for your dreams! Life is possible.



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