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Is it odd that I am a little sad the Barclay’s Premiereship is over?

my team, Chelsea, didn’t have the best season but they did end in second place and I am happy for them.

Although their final game was not that good.  But I do need to congratulate Jermaine Beckford (although he is not going to read this) for his incredible goal against Chelsea… wow!

Click here to see the goal.
(Click on the video highlight, and watch Beckford’s skill. Also listen to the commentator, He’s so excited! it’s so funny to hear his enthusiasm. What language is that anyway?)

I think why I am sad, is that this football/soccer was part of my life for the last few months. It’s been a good journey. it’s the first premiereship that I have watched from beginning to end.

I just thought about “endings”
we should end things well.
Thank God for the good moments.
Thank Him for what your learnt throughout that journey.
Thank Him that He was with you through the bad times.

Life is full of closing doors and new ones opening.
I am learning we need to end things well. Take stock and appreciate.

So much more to learn and discover.

PS. “Graffiti of Holland” blog to follow…



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