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Amazing Grace

On Sunday we had a visiting band and preacher at my church. My good friend, Lee came to inspire and encourage the church.
It was a good service. People were free in worship.
But what struck me the most was what happened during the practice beforehand.

The music was super loud, flowing into the street… where I’m sure people in the pub opposite the church entrance could hear the rocking music! 🙂

A drunk did grace us with his presence.. and came stumbling in. I put my arm around him, welcomed him.
He then asked me… if the band could sing: Amazing grace.

I said, I was not sure, because they had to practice for the evening set. But (thankfully) he ignored me and went forward to the front and asked the band to play Amazing Grace. Over his shoulder I signalled that they should.

they did Chris Tomlin’s rendition of Amazing Grace (my chains are gone) and as the played it and even sang with all their hearts. This man in his intoxitated stupor paused and smiled. he was in awe.

1) Was this his moment of worship?
2) I am not a fan of tradition. But this very traditional song (known by christians and non christians alike), was what he requested. Did he at least meet with a tugging of his soul?

I don’t know. But it was moving to see this moment.
Such grace, amazing it is…

For Chris Tomlin’s version of the song go here



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