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The Arch Bishop of Canterbury, did I miss out?

Yes, our small town of Bicester had the Arch Bishop of Canterbury come and preach in the local Anglican (church of England) yesterday morning.
and yes, that arch bishop is the same guy who did the Royal Wedding a week ago? (seems like a distant memory… that wedding already)

So I heard the church was super packed yesterday.
I didn’t go. Not because I was being a party pooper. I am sure he preached a good message. What did he preach about?
(I asked 2 girls in my youth, they could not remember… short concentration span? :))

Did God move yesterday? YES. Was God worshipped yesterday? YES. Hope so!
I went to another church called Highway, yesterday, heard a guy named Martin preach.
I was inspired and challenged. I got to worship my Heavenly Father. I got to tell Him I love Him.

Because that’s what its about isn’t? WAS God worshipped yesterday? Wherever we went… HOPEFULLY yes
Question.. the day after Sunday… is HE still worshipped? What is your answer? …



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