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The Easter Walk (Sacred Space 287)

I want to share this awesome experience with you as my Sacred Space for this week.

On Friday here in this little town called Bicester in the heart of Oxforshire on a small island called the United Kingdom, on this round ball we call Earth, the MASSIVE God of the universe met with me.

My heart was stirred with a tradition that has been around for more than 10 years in this town.

I’m not too much a fan of tradition (although I’m sure I do adhere to some of my own). I think tradition can stifle the Spirit at times. Tradition may cause others to forget the heart of the “thing/event” they’re traditionalling about.

Anyway every year on Good Friday, the Christians of the town get together to worship and do a walk of witness through the busy market street of the town. We inact the crucifixion of Jesus.

Here is what it looks like through the lens on my small phone:

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How incredible does the old school church look with the backdrop of the blue sky?
How awesome is it that the band are worshipping outside the building? What a statement to the town.
I had a thought… we gotta bring the church and the party… out of the building.

We’re gonna celebrate and all are welcome. Good times!

So the service started in St Edburgs (a church or England church)
We sang a song by Chris Tomlin (Amazing Love).

I was moved by the lyrics and became suddenly aware of my sin.

“I’m forgiven because You were forsaken,
I’m accepted, You were condemned.
I am alive and well, Your spirit is within me,
Because You died and rose again.”

What grace! My Saviour did this for me. He died for me. I am forgiven. He rose again. Death does not have the final say on my life. Thank you God.

I felt horrible and terrible for my sin. (Sometimes me and I am sure others treat our sins as our “buddies”) what the heck is that about? We need to mourn and ache that our sinfulness sucks a lot.

So this Good Friday morning was more meaningful for me in regards to repentence of my sin.

“When all of a sudden I am aware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory and I realize just how beautiful You are.” (How He loves)

It was so awesome to see the unity of Christians from different churches getting together to stand for Jesus.
I thought of some things.

The market of the town was happening that morning, so more people were around. It was chaotic. So many people on Sheep Street (what a great name for a street), people were almost bashing into each other, rubbing shoulders.

I thought that that would have been very similar to the time Jesus was crucified on Jerusalem 2000+ years ago.
People everywhere.
People thinking “Gosh, these believers are being a nuisance.”
YET some people did enquire what the fuss is about… and I am sure in their own words, some people would have echoed the words of the Roman Soldier: “This man truly was the Son of God!” (Matthew 27: 54)

God was made known this Friday Morning for sure.
Here is a scene from the drama:

Part 2 here: Part 2 Video Clip of the Easter Drama

What was awesome was that by the end of the walk… my Spirit had been lifted. The guilt I had felt an hour and half earlier, I felt free from. I felt God’s forgiveness and freedom. What a beautiful place to be.

and some more singing here

Some folk did not enjoy the flags. Some people were not okay with the resurrection scene being played out on the same day. Some people moaned that it was too hot (are you crazy?) There are always gonna be moaners. But God has the final say. I am certain He felt worshipped and that His name and presence was declared.

I remember growing up… (and I confess to my ignorance) we use to label the pentecostals and charismatics as a “little overboard” … BUT as I have got older and God has taught me new things… I have realised some key things.

Bring out the flags, bring out the dancing. bring out whatever makes you worship freely.
God is incredibly God and however you want to express that… FEEL FREE to do so.

Because even if you keep quiet, the rocks will still cry out!!! JESUS IS ALIVE. No go and live like that!



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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