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The passion of the Christ

Tonight we showed Mel’s Gibson’s the passion of the Christ in church.

I sent out lots of texts to my youth… advertized it in my church notices.

I wanted lots of people to be moved my this graphic portrayal of the death of Jesus.

A few thoughts:

– the gospel encounter of Jesus is not graphic and fleshy enough. when this movie came out… everyone said that it was overboard. But was it? Is flogging just “mere slapping” no way!
Jesus died a violent painful death. We should be moved even just by the physical death of Him.

and yet that death carries so much more.

– only 5 adults came and 1 teenager was there. I was bleak that only a small amount of people came.
BUT maybe that’s how God saw it and wanted it.

the efforts He would go to for even just a few people. astounding!



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5 thoughts on “The passion of the Christ

  1. Hi Darrel,

    We didn’t encourage G and J to come because the rating is 18. However, we’re sorry you felt disappointed so few came. I wonder if other parents had similar concerns?

  2. Yeah i quite lliked the film some of it was really hard to watch because of the pain but it opened my eyes a bit more to the understanding of what Jesus suffered. As there were repeat images of him on the cross it also highlighted the 12 stations which was quite significant. Thanks. It was coolio!!

  3. hey bro, i was not bleak. just made me think of God’s economy.
    He would go for sheep leaving 99 behind.

    so numbers in the Kingdom, is not the point.
    make sense. 🙂

    that’s kinda the thoughts I was going around…
    hope you well and cape town was good?

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