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It began in London…

I went to visit my friend in London this past weekend.
I was standing on her family’s terrace along Portobello Road.
(Yes where, the famous market is.)

I just had a sense of peace and assurance. Felt as if God was standing there with me.
In my heart, I felt alive. i felt grateful.
I felt like I was in a God’s plan… like He was still busy unfolding it in my life. Pretty cool feeling to have.

I remember 2 years and roughly 4 months ago… my overseas adventure began in London.
It was a tough beginning. From staying on a couch (thanks to my friends for their hospitality)
and working as a Fabric Picker.

Humble beginnings. I never knew I would be in ministry here in the UK.
I never thought I’d get to see all the European Countries that I have seen so far.
I never thought I’d live in France and get to snowboard almost every second day.

i had a cup of coffee, read some of Love Wins (listen to all the christians go… oooohhhh…)

and just looked around. I was soaking in the beautiful sunset… and a random naked statue.

Look through my eyes:

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I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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