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Humans – How do we learn?

So this is not my public confessional booth.
But I did have to attend a speed awareness course last night.

In fact it was quite good, the guy leading the course was humorous, the course was interactive. so ja, it was good except after 4 hours… the last hour and a half my self proclaimed ADD kicked in…. even doodling got boring….

I did think about humans and how we learn. There are many ways.

1) some learn from consequences
2) some learn from experiences
3) some learn from other’s experiences
4) some learn from courses, some don’t.
5) some learn with education before
6) some learn with education afterwards.

They say prevention is better than cure.
And that got me thinking. In many cases that can be so true.

And yet sometimes, that just does not work.
We as humans, we’re complex. We learn in many ways. Some methods work for some, and for others… they’re a bore.

I also wondered if some teaching methods almost make people “afraid” or “unbrave” to live out their lives.
Sometimes caution can stop us living.
BUT sometimes it can save us.

I guess its down to each individual. But education is key. and we should experiment with each method until we get through and expand other’s minds.

So this blog is not superly profound or anything. But I did get to think (a hobby of mine)… and besides these thoughts kept me entertained during the long course.

I felt a call of when I go back to Africa (one day),
There are many ways of equipping others.
I was thinking about how it would be awesome in schools and in some rural areas to do some practical teachings on:

i) how to use a bank machine
ii) the results of speeding
iii) how insurance works?

You know, that sort of thing. Practical life stuff.



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