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Words, Chapters, Imagination, Written on this heart and mind

Our minds are incredible.
They’re full of pictures and words.
A lot of books have been written.

I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to Christian bookstores…
and when it comes to ordinary bookstores…
(am I saying Christian is unordinary?)

there are so many words, so many ideas. Who is right? Is someone more right?
I have this desire to write a book one day. i write this blog. i write a devotional blog called Sacred Spaces.

I am super stoked that people could learn something from my writing. that’s an honour. For real, it really is.
So maybe all these Christian authors, writing their take on God, may just inspire even just one person to draw closer to God.
So maybe, that’s God’s call for me. Put my heart into it, plan what i need to.. go for it.
You may just reach one more for me through “the words that you pen.”

so I may just do that.

I wish I was better at reading, I wish I set more time aside.
I love how reading expands our minds and our imagination.

I wish I had to go to “read prison” or exile… that’d be cool.
I guess I really could just cut out the junk in my life and read more.

I have this “thing” about how i come “across” the book that I am supposed to read.
either some reputable person suggests I should read a certain book…
or I see a few on the underground reading the same book
or I discover a book in an odd place
or a cover, or title… haunts me for awhile…

weird ways… but I won’t just read a book for the sake of it.

I have this list, that seems not end.
and Amazon, gosh books are cheap on there…
I have a lot more to read.

I have started some books, haven’t finished them.
Maybe didn’t want to read them a second or third time, when I still have a lot of first reads waiting.

Or i have ordered books, that I thought would be better,
and this season, they’re hard to swallow.
the words don’t flow easily and I read through them.

I put down a book tonight, its taken me far too long to only reach half way.
This guy, too lazy to tell you his name, wrote an excellent book called The Little Prince, that is still one of my favourite books.
but now this other one of his I have now, is so hard to read.
I find my mind just confused and wandering elsewhere.

So was this a waste purchase?
It feels weird leaving the book to be for now. maybe this is not the write season.

or maybe… these words, these chapters still not read… don’t need to be completed…
my imagination has grown, my knowledge of new words… grows.
I could write this better
I may off this world, this type, this story in a different (maybe fresh) way…

all the words, add to me… all these part reads… add to a greater story.
what is that greater story called?
what is this blog about…

words, words, words, words…
what a world we delve in….



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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