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I haven’t written poetry in ages..

You’re making me
8th April 2011

You doing this thing in me
Without you doing anything
Your voice like angel
So sweet, it moves me
I’m thinking distant things
And this messy heart
Is longing and learning
Of cleansing and hope

You’re so practical
Always have been
And it’s a new idea
A potent truth
The scales keep falling off
My eyes; and you see so differently
Teaching me

I’m feeling free again
Like it’s the first time
So new, so fresh
So reaching
I want to be better
What a longing it is
I got a feeling you’re stopping me
In my tracks,
This is more than a game
This is life.
A life so inviting

You’re making me better
And I’ll do my part too
Because I am in on this
Thank you for letting me, see this differently



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One thought on “I haven’t written poetry in ages..

  1. neither have I….
    wonder whether things like this can be for a time & a season? My poetry helped me through some tough stages….don’t feel the need for it anymore….

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