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Feels like I am in South Africa (a Summer Blog)

iTunes on random, Kings of Leon (Pyro) and The Parlotones play through these small speakers as I sit in the garden soaking up the rays.

Yesterday was 23 degrees (can’t find the degree symbol on here), pretty much a mediocre tempartaure day in SA.
But gosh, it was so beautiful, walking around town with just baggies, t-shirt and slops.

Aaah, how I wish this was a beach town. A surf right now would be cool.

The clues of summer are here.

I had breakfast outside this morning; and while I was eating my cereal, I noticed this little flower:

and was amazed by it’s beauty.
I then looked around and just appreciate all these colours around me.
I am just so thankful. I feel like I am on a working holiday. I get to do a job I am passionate about and I get to do it, wearing slops, loving God’s sunshine.

I was thinking; one of the greatest things, I would like God (and others, if need be) to think of me is: “He really enjoys life.” I want to appreciate the simple things. I want to just thank Him more and more.

I get to life this life, thank you!

I then… remember how last week sometime when the sun was shining and I saw someone I knew in town and said to them “How kiff is this weather!” (Gosh, why do most conversations start with the weather? Grrr!)
(Kiff means “awesome” “epic” “rad” … use it… it will become your new favourite word)

That person replied to me: “Don’t get use to it! It won’t last.”

SERIOUSLY!! What a stuffed up answer! How negative can one be? “Excuse me, Mr (Mrs) the glass is half empty, you’re not invited to any of my parties!”

For crying out loud, stop being so grumpy. Appreciate each day.
Psalm 118: 24 “This is the day, that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it”

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And we look around and this incredible creation… and you say there is no God? It’s a pity if that’s how you feel…



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