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These bands have the best lyrics (in my opinion)

I have always been against “pop culture” to a degree. because it’s people following trends.

“ah, I love this song.” then the next week, it’s like “that song is so yesterday, I like this one now”

and then for example, you ask people if they you know Snow Patrol?
They reply “Yes, I love Chasing Cars & Run”

Grrr, what about: Disaster Button, Golden Floor, Shut your eyes, headlights on dark roads.

Please if you like bands, listen to the whole album… not just the singles.
Then also a lot of pop culture music…
sing about “sex” “a chick’s body” and that’s the extent of the content. So shallow!

Thats why I like the broad genre of rock which for me includes: punk, alternative, indie, metal, hardcore, emo, fusion, funk.
and I have been following quite a few bands over my years and these in my opinion are the bands that I like that have the best lyrics. I don’t always like bands whose lines rhyme, I prefer bands who write lyrics in pictures and images and metaphors.

here is my list (in no particular order):
1) Blindside (what is awesome is this band’s first language is Swedish, so these English lyrics are incredible!)
2) Incubus
3) Thrice
4) Relient K
5) The Almost

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What is your list?



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