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Boring Bicester vs Beautiful Bicester

This topic above has come to mind for a cool sermon topic discussion type thing sometime in church. (watch this space)

I have lived in this new town of mine (Bicester) for almost 8 months now.

It’s growing on me.  And on Thursday night I discovered an epic place.

Bure Park.

I don’t think this picture does entire justice.  I may have to upload some of my own sometime.

BUT with a friend, I discovered this cool walk way / cycle path through this cool greenery place of Bicester.  wow!

you totally could come here (now that it’s summer) and:

1) have a quiet time here with our awesome God
2) chill with friends
3) play football (soccer) or even frisby.  how cool is frisby by the way?
4) Lie in the park in the sun and read.
5) Grab some friends, a guitar and some wine and have a good time.

The possibilities are endless…

Life needs to involve being creative.

So I discovered this place (by myself) well, walking with a friend.  But how come when I moved here and asked the young people and others to suggest some cool places; they didn’t even mention this Bure Park to me? what?  why?

– Maybe we differ in what we think is awesome and fun?
– But maybe this is a call to know the “nooks and crannies” of the towns we live in.  We need to take a sense of ownership and proud (ness) of where God has placed us.
– We need to be good promoters of where we are.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

So I am learning as I live here to enjoy this town.  There are some stunning places here!

So I challenge those who have had those negative facebook statuses… “Bicester is boring” to actually change it to “Bicester is Beautiful”

Ask God about it. What do you think He would say?

So that is my 2 cents… over and out.

PS.  Totally unrelated to above… Check out this band: Springbok Nude Girls (Don’t be silly and let the name of the band throw you off..)




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2 thoughts on “Boring Bicester vs Beautiful Bicester

  1. I must admit, I never even thought of Bure being a nice place- mainly because I only ever seem to go there when it’s raining.
    However, I went for a walk on Sunday in the sun with my ipod and it really was an amazing place to be in.. quiet, warm, sunny, beautiful and green 🙂

    A while back I also discovered this other place near to town which is similar and lovely so I will have to show you!

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