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R.I.P (my dear slops). Seeing things from another perspective.

So my slops broke today. I was so bleak (upset). Okay, some other names for slops are: flip flops, sandals, thongs.

yes “thongs” are what they’re called in AUS or NZ, I can’t remember which country right now. I have proof.
see definition of the word here: Definition of Thongs

It was amusing my friend and I were talking about that… and he totally thought I meant underwear.. that was humourous.

So back to the incident. We have a place in Bicester called: Garth Park (Check out: Garth Park here.)

And well just hanging out and praying there, my one slop broke (you can’t superglue it back… there are some things that just can’t be superglued 🙂 ) . I was sad. I kinda grew attached to those things. They have been with me in many countries.

My friend and I then walked back to the church to go fetch my bicycle and then headed on off back home. As I walked through town back to the church, it was funny to see the reactions and stares I got from people.

Like, where they thinking:
1) He looks like an orphan (maybe that is more funny in South Africa…)
2) Gosh, his feet are white. (Give me a break, summer has not yet arrived.. I need a tan on my feet too, okay) or maybe:
3) This guy is odd. Walking bear foot at this time of the year, or
4) What kind? Walking barefoot in public.

It’s funny how in different contexts and places it would be okay. Like if I walked like that in a coastal town, it would be more normal.

But the thought I had is: It’s funny, or should I say, interesting how one incident or scene can be perceived in many ways. And sometimes, we can be so wrong about something.

That saying: “imagine yourself in that person’s shoes” is so true in so many cases.

Well, except this one… I had no shoes. 🙂

But the point is, we need to not rush “too judge” a certain person or situation without knowing the facts. Too the many people who saw me with no shoes today, how many of them came to the correct conclusion: “Oh his slops (shoes) must have broken while he was hanging out in Garth Park.”

Thank you God for teaching me another lesson.



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One thought on “R.I.P (my dear slops). Seeing things from another perspective.

  1. Hey! We all get attached to certain pairs of shoes … and here in SA I suppose we we walk barefoot a lot more than most … lots of us by choice … millions of us because we don’t have a choice … check out and read about Toms shoes … maybe you can inspire your Church youth (or the offices where you work or the campuses where you study) to take part in this initiative this year … I know we all are here at school in East London (SA) …

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