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Power to the people, or maybe just me?

Call me slow… I don’t care!
Last night I discovered for the first time (yes, after 30 years of living)…
I discovered the coolness of Microsoft Powerpoint “animations”
I have been using powerpoint very simply for simply too long.
Last night I was taught how to use the “animations” affect.
wow, very cool!
Someone said to me “you’re such a kid!” What a cool compliment!
I love discovering things.
Life is a bank full of things to learn.
yay for me. Power to the people… oh wait… just me.
so now: “forgive me?” for those who will see my next few powerpoints…
you gonna see pictures and words… fly in and fly out from every angle on my slides.

it’s gonna be epic!
over and out…



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

2 thoughts on “Power to the people, or maybe just me?

  1. “Power to the people!!!”

    I still don’t now how to use the animations affects so thats super cool for you.

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