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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (I’m sure that is catchy enough as a header)

My two friends: Clint, Matt and I drove up to Nottingham.  (Did I mention I love road trips).

The venue (Rescue Rooms) was intimate.  The band just before the headlining act was Yashin.  A band from Wales (if I heard them say correctly… that heavy accent).  Check out a cool video of theirs here:

I really digged the growling voice.  Woohoo!

Then after not seeing them in SA (they bailed on the Coke Fest.. faders!)… I finally got to see Red Jumspuit Apparatus live.

They were pretty cool playing many of my favourite songs.

I tried to remember their setlist; this is what I recall:

Opening: In fate’s hands

then: damn regret, choke (off new EP), false pretense, pen and paper (only song from The Lonely Road album)… weird that they ignored that album… but I don’t like it too much anyway.

continuning with: cat and mouse

they then played Justify (which seriously suprised me).  I remember playing that song back in East London on Link FM (Mon Nite Rocks) with my friend, Faye.  (We actually got away with it)

Good words actually:

“The visions that I’ve seen have left me torn
between the resurrection and the prophecy unborn
I think that I will document the fall
and say I hate to say it, but I told you all

See the Fake, everyday shaking hands of men, promising the end
Hear Him Speak of all the things that we need to hear, to adhere.”

Could they possibly be singing this to God?  I think I could claim that truth.

Then they played Guardian Angel (expected)

and then the electrifying Face Down.

Here is a little video montage for you (grab a cuppa coffee…its a long one):

But the song the ended off with was my favourite and utterly a surprise; a full length of their awesome “The Grim Goodbye”

Check it out:

and to hear the epic studio version of it… watch this video (the words are cool too):



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