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Claiming Truth

I am a big fan of learning how to hear God in many things. learning to claim truth where we can.
God speaks through His word. His preachers. He speaks through a quiet voice. He speaks through creation. he speaks through conversations with friends. he can even speak through songs (not even the Christian bands)… and he can speak in movies.

I went to a gig on Monday night and saw this picture:

Is this a Christian message? No? Or could it be? yes
This wouldn’t go down well in a church… no.

But could we claim a truth from it? Yes
I do disagree with some of the pic; that everything is bad. But I liked how when I saw it for the first time, my first thought went straight to my Saviour.
I could dedicate it to God. Sometimes I may feel like everything in my life is bad…
“Except you Love”

God is love.

We can claim truth many places. Even from graffiti like this.
I like what my friend, Zoe wrote about art. Check out her post on art here: Everything is Art

yes, and God can speak in art too.
God is always speaking. Even in His silence. The question is: are we listening?



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