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Pressing on Prague (March 2011)

1) How it began

My friend, Ed and I were talking on the phone last year November sometime and we were talking about planning a ski trip.   But it just seemed rather costly.  However while we were talking on the phone he was browzing the Easy Jet website and:

“So how does Prague sound as a destination?” asked Ed (may not be his precise words)

“Um, yes why not?” I replied.

“Okay, I just brought the flights for us.” were Ed’s next words.

“Woah, just like that!” I responded… standing on my bed.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  (I like that saying, but do all kids like candy that much to make a saying about it?)

So 4 months ahead a Prague holiday was booked.  We didn’t want to plan anything more about it.  I did however (closer to our trip) see if we could get in some boarding (skiing for Ed).  But this was just going to be a holiday where we’d just rock up (arrive) and take it as it comes. Czech Republic was not a destination I had thought of whilst being abroad… but the opportunity had came about; the adventure continues…

2) Been there, done that

So I can literally say “been there, done that got the T- Shirt.”  I went to visit the hard rock cafe there in Prague, had a coffee (funds were low by that point), and got myself a t- shirt too.  This hard rock cafe is the biggest one in the Europe and it was cool to just chill there among the rock memobilia and wide variety of rock videos.  I always wanted to own a hard rock shirt… Prague seemed to be the place I should get it.  I am sure you will see a pic of it sometime.

see slide show at end of BLOG.

3) A day of boarding – near Liberec – Mountains nearby

So I really did want to get at least a day of snowboarding in on our trip.  so a few weeks before we left I organised that through Prague Tourist Info and got hooked up a sweet deal.  Ed, a skiier had a jol (good time) pacing it with me.  I enjoyed doing some tricks.  Boarding for me has such a play factor to it.  I really enjoyed being on one of God’s mountains playing around.

Here is a video:

Luckily and unfortunately on my last run of the day… boarding back to the carpark… I was stuffing around to much and bailed pretty badly.  I tried to go for a rail off a naturally made rail on the side of the piste and went over the top and quite a pace and smashed my board and legs into a tree.  it’s kinda funny…but darn sore.  Here is a little tribute to my bails of the day: darrel bails

4) Identifying with the writer

Sometimes books just arrive on my lap at the right time.  I have a whole list of books lined up to read.  (I do wish I could read more.. or just stop time to read and read.  The imaginative world is a haven so often)

I brought along on the trip Atoine de Saint-Exupery’s “Wind, Sand and Stars.”  This is author is known for The Little Prince , the most translated French book.  This story, a type of auto biography on the author’s flying trips captured my imagination and heart in an uncanny way.  As I looked upon the older and newer buildings of Prague standing closely together holding hands in their colourful display I felt that this author would affect my descriptive words as I typed out this blog.

There was an unusual happening in my head and reality whilst reading this book.  In the book, the author was telling of a fellow pilot who crashed his plane and had walked on in the bitter cold for 3 or 4 days… just pressing on despite the horrendous conditions.  I then thought of my willpower to get up and walk even after my hectic leg injury.  I didn’t want to just lie in bed.  I wanted to see more of Prague and enjoy the sunny weather outside.  Thus, I got up, despite an aching leg and pressed on.  Sometimes some chapters come and the right time in our lives.

5) My observations

In no particular order and in no diary fashion here are some of the musings I had in Prague.

Seeing a beggar or two on their knees with their back crouched and the crown of the head touching the paving/road in front of them, i heard these lyrics from Anberlin come to mind: “You’re not a slave so get off your knees.”

I would tell others if they were planning a Prague holiday… that the tourist attractions of Prague could be walked to in a day.  One should visit the biggest Hard Rock Cafe and also the Biggest Night Club (Karlovy Lazne) in Europe.

It was cool to celebrate Shrove Tues by having a pancake in some random pancake/coffee shop in Prague.  Remembering the lentan journey that I was to embark.

So my question to you.  Hightlight the correct answer.  Do I look like a drug user to you? (YES/NO).  On the first night in Prague I got offered “some” like 3 times… and I wasn’t even wearing my reggae beenie.

I realised that Prague is definately a city to have a good party in.  We saw some bachelor/stag/hen nights taking place.  It was an eye opener to see so many Cabarets (Strip Clubs).  The biggest question, racing in my mind on the holiday?  Why would girls do this to themselves?  I kept thinking of the movie: Taken: Trailer for Taken The love that dad has for his daughter.

I digged the cobbled streets of Prague.  I liked to blue sky back drop with the ancient and colourful buildings. I do find it hard to relax.  Maybe it just didn’t seem for me the greatest place to rest.  Maybe a beach in Spain would have suited me better.

One thing I HATED the most… was the smoking in public places.  smoking in clubs and pubs sucked.  I had packed minimal (only hand luggage) and thus my clothes from the first night partying in that massive night club I smelt like smoke most of the trip.

I am thankful that places like England and South Africa have put up the public ban.

Hmmm, Czech girls are pretty.

I had an awesome day of chilling where I hobbled around Prague… sat in a sun soaked random park and read some.  I also got to sit in one of the oldest buildings of Prague; a church and just met in the sanctuary with my Maker.

6) Pictures and stuff of the Tourist Attractions:

I thought the best way beyond words is for you to get to look at a slideshow of my trip.  A picture does paint a 1000 words.

In this slide show… memories of my trip will be captured including:

The stunning buildings, Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square, The Astronomical Clock, Prague Castle, the many steeples, the Dancing House, the Vltava river and some other random pics.
I thought you may want to grab a cup of tea/coffee/hot choc while you look at the pictures… and then for your soundtrack pleasure how about clicking on this link for that Anberlin song I was talking about earlier: Depraved

And who said blogging cannot be interactive?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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3 thoughts on “Pressing on Prague (March 2011)

  1. bro i loved the pics! such awesome times and what a cool story of how the git collection starter for hardrockcafe!

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