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Rudeness, road trips and ramblings…

Tonight on our way back from the Man City game we stopped at a “Services” where I ordered a coffee from Costa..and sat down at the table and briefly enjoyed the moment.  I like road trips.  I like these pit stops.  these services remind me of people on the move.  people travelling somewhere.  an adventure unfolding…

today, i had to phone the traffic department to sort a out a speed awareness course than I need to attend (yes, I confess I got a speeding fine).  but I was so bummed (what a cool word, a saffa friend reminded me of it) at how rude the chick on the phone was.

some people really should not be employed to speak on the phone.  she was just plain rude and was not listening to me.  she kept repeating what she was saying… without actually answering my simple question.  and spoke to me as if I were the stupid one.

then I phoned another traffic department and that lady was so pleasant and helpful and friendly.  she knew how to answer my query and actually was decent on the phone.  gosh that other woman really annoyed me.

at the football tonight, I was just really disappointed with the blasphemy of the football supporters.  Using a classic Christian song (Kumbaya) and another song and using vulgar language to sing to the other team’s supporters.

just made me annoyed at the lack of intelligence or “lower class” (that’s how they portrayed themselves?) behaviour.

was ashamed to be a fan of football (soccer) tonight.

and to see 11 year old boys acting like idiots and swearing like troopers was just so shameful.

and we know why the state of teenagers these days are getting worse.  older people are just such bad examples and let everything slide…no discipline and holding onto to good morals anymore.

such a shame really!

this is me rambling…maybe it falls on deaf ears or open ones..



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One thought on “Rudeness, road trips and ramblings…

  1. Then there’s the sad behaviour of the coaches on the sideline, not to say anything about what goes on, on the field. I enjoy soccer immensely, especially the Premier league, but there’s something deeply sad about the behaviour that goes on. I just find it unacceptable.

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