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Random things that caught my eye..

that I just want to share with you.

1) so this mother was cycling with her 2 children. the little boy (older of the 2 siblings) crossed the road on his bicycle whilst a car was approaching (I was behind that car.) and i saw how the boy used his correct hand signals at such a young age to indicate to the car his intention of him crossing the road on his bike.
as much as the mom could have been worried. she could also be proud her son had learnt a valuable lesson and was putting it to use. just seeing that made me smile.

2) i saw three friends sitting on the side of a pavement eating fish and chips. maybe they were on lunch. it just seemed so cool, basking in this winter sunshine, pausing for a moment and enjoying a meal whilst the world passes by. a picture perfect moment.

3) churches are good places. even sometimes people meet the Saviour of the world there. this couple sat on the steps of my church today, bicycles parked against the rail as they sat there eating their packed lunch. what a cool sight too. just seeing them using the “church space” in an unconventional way. basically as a pit stop along their cycle journey. I can’t help but thinking of God and the angels smiling down on such a classic moment.

so those are just 3 of my ramblings..


I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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