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Psalm 2011

Okay the explanation of this, just in case.. you bump into this blog without knowing what my intention was with writing my own Psalm (2011), no I am not trying to add to scripture.  I am just expressing my heart just as those in the Psalms did.  I think it would be cool if after my Psalm.. of anyone else wanted to add their modern day (here in Feb/Mar 2011) psalm, what words would you write:

Psalm 2011

God, I thank you for loving me

Little me, you would bless.

You would provide for and protect and help me

Through all the circumstances in my life

You have touched my heart,

I have felt it so many times before.

You have let me eyes see so much.

I can’t deny you.

I have this overwhelming passion, gratitude and joy inside of me.


I try new things for you.

I want some people around me right now

To catch this contagious love you have given me.

But I try things.  I feel frustrated.

I pray less of me, more of You

How my God do you propose to break down the walls

How do you propose to break the chains?

I want these people, your people to love you dearly.

And those who don’t, to know you

Please touch their hearts.

Be more real to me.  And to them

I want this faith, hope and love we live in to change lives for better.

Oh God, I pray you hear my prayers.

And do what you must do, I pray,

I love you.

Sorry for my sins, be patient with me, I am slowly giving into you,

Each day, a step forward

Take my hand, take their hands… Oh God.



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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