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Sacred Spaces 1 (24 November 2004)

Sacred Spaces – 1 – 24th November 2004

20 February 2011 – So I went back and read this, made me smile.  my oddity and the awesomeness that God speaks to me in parables.  pretty cool.  for my English readers: 1. Kombi – is a type of mini van.  2) Indian Mynnahs are a species of birds in South Africa.

Hey all,

Welcome to the first thought from my Sacred Spaces ministry.

Some of you have been added to my list without your knowledge, so I hope it’s a good surprise?  Well I’m starting this to grow my writing gift and mainly to “spread da luv”, God’s love!  I hope some of these thoughts every week, encourage you, challenge you and just fill you!

So live fascinated, live inspired!

Love Darrel




If we look at Jesus’ teachings we see how He taught in many parables and used nature to get a point or lesson across!


This week God has done that for me.  I’m humbled that when I mess up, God reacts; He tries to get my attention and bring me to wholeness.  What love?  When we mess up, God doesn’t leave us, but comes to rescue us!


So here is my first parable (You may laugh at any point?)  This past weekend while I was house- sitting a strange thing occurred?  Well I thought it was strange?  After 24 years of life I’ve never seen this?  The female dog that was at the house was on heat, and well the male dog took advantage of this.


And to my horror, I discovered that their butts were stuck together? (They were joined by their rear ends? Weird!)  I was terrified?  What had happened?  And what must I do?  The first thing that came to mind, is to take these dogs to the vet, so I picked them both up and put them in my Kombi.  I then drove to the Vet.  Thank goodness that on the way, the dogs split apart, so I turned around and went back to house.


Woah, what a bizarre situation! Forgive me for my ignorance about dogs on heat, etc?  But hey, I had to learn something from this?  So I asked God, what the lesson was that I could get from this strange incident?


The analogy:  In our own lives we may be in bond (that has gone too far!) with a girlfriend or boyfriend.  We may be flirting with the sexual physical side?

Or even as an individual we might be in a bind with a sin that we are addicted to or just can’t seem to set ourselves free of? (Dogs stuck together!)

So we need to go straight to the Healer (Vet).  And you know what, God (Healer) sees our intention (true intention) and He sets us free on the way (drive to the Vet) to Him?


So when we are serious about repenting and leaving our bond or sin, God reacts straight away and brings healing to us! AMEN


Thought 2:


On Monday I was at church for a camp meeting.  While waiting outside the youth and I saw a bird (pigeon) stuck on the apex of the roof.  Its foot had got caught in a crevice and the bird was hanging upside down in pain.  Two Indian Mynahs were attacking it.  Two of the girls watching said to me, “Darrel do something!”  I wasn’t sure what to do, but I was urged to climb.  So out of compassion for the bird (I’m big on God’s creation…especially birds!) I climbed the wall and cautiously (because it was high being on top of the church roof) made my way across the roof to go and rescue the pigeon.  There was blood all over.  But it was great to make it to the bird, and hold it in my hands and slowly free its leg from the crevice type thing.  It then flew away to a safe place.


Then I got to the courtyard and jumped down.  After sore feet, bloody hand and realising how scary it was being up on the roof…I felt good to save the bird!  God then gave me an analogy on the spot:


As I reacted when I saw the bird in trouble, God reacted when He saw His children dead in sin.  I went to all lengths to save a bird…God went to all lengths to save us.  He sent His Son to die for our sins!


I told an adult (older than me) this story and he said well did you calculate the risk of you being on the roof?  I hadn’t thought about that! But this made me carry on with the analogy:  It was a risk for God to send His Son to die for us?


The risk was we (humans) might not be grateful for Jesus love?

The risk was we might not respond to Jesus and His grace?

The risk was we might not care for Jesus?


But God loves us and takes that risk!  How will we respond?  Faith is a risk!


God bless you this week! Find Him in life’s parables!



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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