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Content right now

I feel strangely content now.  I am thankful to Jesus for His goodness and his unfolding plan in my life.

there are chapters still to come.  I am looking forward to them.

I think of how life and I and God have all travelled together.

the beautiful things I have seen, the moments when my heart has felt so alive.

i think of the thousands of songs that have been soundtrack through my years.

its incredible… how when i can hear a song and be transported to another moment and memory and almost feel how i felt in that moment.

that is awesome!


i think of how i have grown up with series and how weirdly and oddly the characters of these shows have been almost “my friends and siblings” to the life I live.

I watched the whole series of Prison Break & Heroes.  I felt connected to each of the cast.  as if their “real life” on screen was parallel to mine out here.

Now watching season 6… of Criminal Minds.  I just feel part of the crew.

call me odd, don’t mind, been called that a few times.

I just feel strangely content.

the simple blessings I have in my life.  the more deeper ones too.

from playing to praying to talking to writing to serving to sharing the love of Jesus.

I may be here and only reach one for Jesus… i would want more to know in His incredibility.

BUT if He only had one in mind for me… to reach to inspire to share a bit of love.  then cool.

Thank you God, for this content feeling right now.

“Spread da luv”



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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