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My Hero

So I have just nominated my dad to get a “stroke achievement award”

And just writing about my dad and why I think he should get this reward is because I am so proud of him.

My dad had the stroke back in March/April 2007.  It was a crappy time indeed.  I remember seeing my dad like that for the first time.  it was tough.  his speech was very bad, his left side was very droopy.  (okay I don’t know all the medical terms.)

BUT now approaching almost 4 years after my dad’s stroke.  I really am so proud of him.  he is my hero.

(I know he will read this.)  he’s always been so supportive of my life and my writings.

gangsta pose!

I remember telling my dad that he was “not a victim but a victor” after his stroke.  and my dad has shown me that in the last 4 years.

He taught my brother and I some solid life lessons when gorwing up.  Especially being determined and driven and not giving up despite life’s circumstances.

Seriously, he’s done really well.  He has not sat down and felt sorry for himself.  My dad has got out, seen things and places, he is writing a book, he is working on a website, he is part of a prayer group at church and cell group.  Among other things, he (even though disabled) helps his neighbours.  he had a good sense of humor.  He keeps himself busy.  Fixing up his hime, watching historical and aducational movies.  and among all of this he holds onto his relationship with God so much.  he really is awesome.

he cooks for himself, he does photography and he does gardening.  he has managed to get a whole lot of gadgets for living life with one side.  But still he does excercise his left side knowing that one day God will heal and restore him.

okay, so try and imagine what life would look like, losing your left side.  my dad has limited use of his arm and leg.

and since the stroke, he has left behind wheel chairs and crutches.  He doesn’t need them anymore.  that’s the recovery he has made.   God is good.  he has this sweet ride… a mobility scooter 🙂  so much fun to ride.

his speech came back and he hasn’t lost his marbles… haha.

well done dad.

Okay so he does have his flaws too, who doesn’t; but I still love him.


We’re going to Netherlands in May together.  can’t wait.




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