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The Magi (life is a journey)

So I discovered something interesting yesterday when I was doing some studies on the birth of Jesus, etc etc.

In Matthew 2: 1- 16 Read Scripture Here

… we read that Herod, wanted boys up to age of 2 killed. Because this “new king” Jesus, was a threat.
but why the order to kill kids up to the age of 2 and not the age of like 1 month or something?

maybe Herod was just a ruthless man. and basically he ordered: a mass slaughter (cruel man, indeed)
Or maybe by the time… the wise men (magi) had arrived to visit Jesus… He was already a few months old.

BUT what interested me more… was the length of the journey that the 3 kings (magi) took to come and see Jesus.
Some theological scholars say the planning and journey could have taken up to about 2 years.

imagine that commitment to follow that star that God has placed in the sky at time in history to mark an incredible moment. The arrival of the Saviour to the world.

it made me think: 2 years… that’s like 2 sets of 365 days… gosh that is a long journey.

I then thought, our lives are a journey. we all know that.

so sometimes to get things or to achieve things or whatever we’re dealing with in our life… we just need to journey on.
we just need to press on.

so simply this is my encouragement: some parts of life take awhile… just keep on keeping on. 🙂

in the words of Underoath (To whom it may concern):

“So hold your head up high and know
It’s not the end of the road
Walk down this beaten path before
You pack your things and head home
At the end of the road
You’ll find what you’ve been longing for
You’ll find what you’ve been longing for at the end of the road
I know ’cause my feet have the scars to show
I was lost with vague direction and no place to call home…

It’s time for you to press on
This is not your war
Set your sights,
Set your sights to North
Press on, press on”



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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