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If you wish it, wish it now (Angels & Airwaves gig)

So 2nd Feb 2011, finds me driving up to Manchester with Steve (friend from Bicester)
a just under 3 hour drive to go see Angels & Airwaves.
no i’m not that much of a fan, and
yes there were closer gigs.

But i wanted to add anther guitar pin to my Hard Rock Cafe collection.
Warsaw, tick! Berlin, tick! and now Manchester, tick.

Neon Trees opened up for Angels and Airwaves. Pretty cool actually!

Check out their song: 1983 here: Neon Trees – 1983

the lead singer was a little camp but i did enjoy the whole’s band potency on stage.
then came on whiny voice Tom de Longe with Angels and Airwaves.

The show had an explosive beginning with It Hurts.
From then I can’t remember the exact order of the songs but i did capture some of the show with pics and vids so here below is a bit of that and a bit of this…

i have always been impressed with live shows in the UK…because true fans go and watch the bands.
I mean the people don’t just sing a long to the “radio hits” like pop culture people do.
(did i ever tell you how much the pop culture annoys me… bunch of sheep following trends..)

see the crowd singing Lifeline here:
(you may have to skip forward past “the weird skipping part” but it does get better)

Here are some pics in a slideshow:
i like the array of colours, the silhouettes of the hands raised and Tom’s classic gestures on stage.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

the setlist had all the epic songs: shove, epic holiday, hallucinations, young london (I think?), love like rockets, secret crowds and some others…
and then here are some videos of some of my favourites:

1) The War

2) The Adventure (in 2 parts)

The Adventure (from the show)

I always sing these lyrics to God “I cannot live, I can’t breathe, unless You do this with me.”

3) Everything is Magic

So i am blessed to have been to another gig. it was awesome!



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