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Hard Rock Cafe

it began in Warsaw, or was it Berlin?
I think the idea was dicussed with my friend, Darren when we were standing looking at the hard rock cafe in Warsaw.
He suggested that every Hard Rock Cafe I go to in the world, I should get a badge or something and let the collection begin.

so first “guitar” pin i bought was in Warsaw (Poland)
then i signed up as an official member of hard rock cafe in Berlin (Germany) – then got 2nd pin.

On Wednesday (that just passed)… i drove just under 3 hours north to watch a gig in Manchester.
it was epic to see Angels and Airwaves. (That blog to follow soon.)

I got my 3rd pin there. Only reason i drove that far for a gig, call it madness, or call it passion… was to get my 3rd badge.
it was awesome to sit in the moment, have a pint and a meal and just feel lost “in the middle of England somewhere”
these little adventures!

I am hoping to get 4th badge end of Feb in London
then 5th badge early March in Prague.

exciting times!
(God, thank you for blessing me with all these cool experiences)

here are some pics from the different Hard Rock Cafes.

and there goes another blog… little adventure and a little random…

so this is the edited part of the blog; i am happy to say i collected my 4th hard rock cafe badge on Saturday when i was in London.  it was a pretty cool venue and was great to be in the first Hard Rock Cafe.  it did have too much of a family restaurant vibe as opposed to a rocker hang out spot.  I had a good evening catching up with my friend Sean, my cousin and her fiance: Katie & Tom.  A good time indeed with a few drinks!  two more images have been added 🙂

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