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A New Generation of… (If footballers did… and if you and i were…)

i was thinking the other day…
(when do i not think, actually)
i was thinking about how cool it would be; if a generation of footballers… rose up and said.
you know what; you can pay us these massive “sums of money” but you know what; we’ve decided…
“I get £40 million pounds a year, I am going to keep like £5 million for myself.. and the other £35 million; we are going to give that away to help the poor. We want to help eradicate the poverty we see around the world.”

Now that would be super cool! that would be a new generation of footballers; who get back into playing the game, for the love of the game and using their wealth for the goodness and healing of the world. now that’s what I long to see in my life time. Imagine a few football stars did that!

I often see in the Premiership when some guys score.. they lift their hands to heaven (maybe in praise and gratitude)…but also some do the sign of the cross (that some catholics do).

but imagine if they showed more of their faith using the “extra” money they DO have. Just a thought…

I then thought about you and i…

We’re doing this new evening service in the church that I work for. I have got some resistance, some people afraid of change. some people afraid of a new era.
and i was feeeling stressed about it (silly me).
I felt God place a peace within and whisper to me:

“Where is the joy and gratitude?”
when last have we expressed our joy to others?
when last have we just been grateful?

Life is hard, yes, I agree some people find themselves in the most craziest life circumstances… but there is ALWAYS something to be joyful about,
what are you joyful about?
what are you thankful about?

that cliche saying “count your blessings”
I have been doing that. 30 years young and I have done so much, seen so much.

why would God’s people meet on Sunday?
To put a smile on God’s face and His heart. We come with gratitude and joy,

God I am stoked for what you do in my life; the forgiveness, the adventures.. that’s why I sing, that’s why I worship!

where is your joy and gratitude oh stressful ones?



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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