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Man City vs Liecester (FA Cup 2011 – 3rd Round)

So i was lucky to be invited to go watch some live football (soccer).
it was epic.
I admit openly and proudly that I am a CHELSEA fan.
Yet it was still cool to go watch Man City live.

Check out some pics:

There is a lot of money pumped into this sport (religion sometimes?)
I remember how proud I felt seeing the awesome stadiums for the world cup in South Africa.
But these club stadiums… what the heck; they’re massive and so stylish!

Here is a little video clip to try and “catch the excitement” for you:

it was awesome to see Tevez, Silva, Johnson & YaYa Toure in action.
I must admit the Liecester fans made more noise even though they were outnumbered. They win on team spirit for sure.

and gosh to the negative northern guy who sat behind us: “Shut up!”
He just moaned throughout the game… even when Man City played well. (haha)

Thanks to Jonny and his had for the invite to go along to this cool match.
4 – 2 to Man City.

My experience in the UK is definately so awesome! 🙂



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