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The Break Up

sounds like an american movie title.
watch some interviews of Paramore and the recent departure of the Farro brothers

watch interview here

(watch videos 1 – 13, and I think 9 & 10 are repeats so you can skip those)

It’s quite long but also very moving.
I know they’re just a band

but after some conversations with some people I know and hearing their stories of break ups.
or you may be going thru a break up at this moment.
this band (above) are going through a break up… a little departure

you just sense the hurt
and you know what

sometimes we gotta just give our hearts that time to grieve.
break ups are messy (even if people try to not make them messy)
memories remain
regret lingers
hurt is there
anger speaks harsh words
friendships are lost or broken

but you know what hurt heals
God can restore
give your heart time
you will be okay.

life is a glorious middle.
a mixture of emotions.
be patient be gentle with yourself.

and know a good God will journey with you if you invite Him.

so let yourself be human.
if Jesus spoke thru Bob Marley He would say: “everything little thing is gonna be alright”
or as He speaks in 1 Peter 5: 10 “And the God of all grace…will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.”

or in Revelation 21: 5: “I am making everything new



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