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This may bring us up to that number (3 bangles)

some musings of mine:

well she said: “you’ve opened my mind, but sometimes I do need to close it.”
that has spoken volumes to me. My mind is a mindfield sometimes. and I guess… God would say to me “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46: 10)
I need to pause my thinking at times. Child like faith is a balance between opening and closing one’s mind maybe.

i got to help someone today with some lyrics. i keep being so thankful that God speaks to me in lyrics.
someone may share a situation they’re in with me; and I’ll hear these lyrics racing thru my head.
i then think… i really do like “counting my blessings”
not because I like counting. or because I am arrogant because my experiences. far from that!

I am just so grateful for how good God has been to me. I don’t deserve. But He believes in me. wow.

I own 3 bangles (or is there another word?)

they’re quite worn now. But I keep them on.
as reminders.

1) the entrance bracelet for getting into Pukkelpop in Belgium. (I went all the way from the UK to Belgium just for the day and night to watch Blink 182.
– Reminds me of the passion i have for music. (good music!) not the “pop culture” crap that leads me astray.

2) A reggae type coloured bangle reminding me of my african roots. I am an african. I am glad of where God would have me be born and grow up and become a sum of certain values, experiences and grace.

3) When I started in my new church here in the UK; i went to a festival where my youth bought me a bangle. They made me smile, showed of their hospitality. I was nervous when I arrived, would they respond to me in a good way. and these six months I have been here. these young people have opened their hearts to me.
(I have the privilege of sharing the love of God with others, that’s incredible)

Weird title above,
I saw that my blog has 949 hits. I am hoping to get 1000 hits on this blog.
Its an honour that God uses these small words of mine from a strange heart to encourage and reach other people. for Him, I hope.

John 10: 10 is Jesus’ invite to us “I have come to give you life and life in the full”

I pray through my blogs, my sacred spaces, my humble words and pictures that God will tug on the hearts strings of others…



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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