A family reunion from all angles
11 April 2014

This excitement feels more tangible now.
My dad has landed upon our shores.
The place where he grew up.
Where he raised us, his boys…

I can imagine his joy of being here.
To meet his granddaughter for the first time
For all our differences in the past
They seem so trivial now

Looking forward to spend time with “pops”
One of the affectionate names I have dubbed him
And when he holds his granddaughter for the first time
That must be priceless…

Poem 37

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Last night I was really moved by the Jeremy Loops set/show at the Durban Botanical Gardens.

Awhile back the Fulton School for the deaf made this video using a Jeremy Loops song:

Jeremy Loops was moved by this and asked the students to come and perform on stage. I noticed a friend of mine Gary uploaded some footage of it:

(The sound quality is quite bad)… but you get the gist of the moving moment in music.

He taught us a few hand signs to encourage and thank the deaf students.

In his instruction to us he said “After the song I hope none of you f#ckers will clap.”
Because that would be insulting to the deaf…
So we hand signaled our applause:

The whole moment was another glimpse of when humanity does something beautiful…

Looking for pictures
10 April 2014

So I caught on, finally
I tried this Instagram thing
Yep, I dig it!
Because now I look at life a little bit differently…

I look for the small scenes of beauty
I look for the big precious moments
And I capture it.
I share it.

Why? To remind myself and others
Life is beautiful. Because we often forget that.
Words sometimes fail
And a picture does it better
They say, it paints a 1000 words…
Are you listening? Are you observing?

Snap. Click. Snap
What do you see today?

poem 36


I’ve enter my blog into a competition. Let’s hope it goes well :)

Poem 35 – The Final Word

Posted: November 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Final Word
9 April 2014

The final word approaches
My eyes dart across the paragraphs quicker
My mind is absorbing all this information
Another story stored in this mind’s library

Oh that feeling of completing a book.
A mixture of sadness and joy.
Sadness, for these chapters depart your life
Joy, because of completing another story.

You have added some more creativity to yourself
You have learned more words
You have travelled without moving to other places
You have…

Poem 35

Imagining the Stadium
9 April 2014

Do you believe?
I asked my friends. I wondered of the crowd
My favourite team had a difficult task ahead
Two goals down

In one of the world’s most elite competitions
This was do or die for them
Would they turn over the odds?
Could they make it through to the Semi’s?

First goal netted around 31 minutes.
The belief grew
I admired the roar in the crowd
Trying to grasp that electric feeling

Then at 87 minutes, the second goal is put in
That crowd response was deafening!
The jubilation was loud!
Yes, we all believe

poem 34 (Medium)

I took this picture when I was lucky enough to go to Stamford Bridge… on the stadium tour with my good friend Joe Taylor. Good memories!