Familiar Spaces
29 March 2014

They go away,
I move in
I take care of their beloved pets and care for their house.
It’s a part time extra job for me…

I like it.
These many homes.
Sometimes feeling like various holiday homes…
But now…

Now, I am home.
In this familiar space, I feel a sense of peace and joy.
I have been away for a month.
So back here, surrounded by things I know

Sleeping in my own bed,
Hearing familiar sounds outside
This small place I have come to call, home
For now…

(photo for this poem is taken from here: amberafrica )

poem 20

Poem 19 – Dear Reader

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Dear reader
28 March 2014

You can’t buy love
(They advised) But they’re wrong!!!
I wait for you.
I have stories and comfort to give.
When will you place your hands on me?

It’s not cheap to buy my affections.
It’s required
And when you hold me
Smell my familiar pages
Then you will understand?

Take some time with me, dear reader
Escape from all the other demands
My words, your mind intertwined in this affair
I will take you places
Even though you’re snuggled on that chair

Light that fire
Glance out the window
Sip on the warm drink
You and I together
Can see the world…

poem 19

Runners and walkers
28 March 2014

I don’t think we’ve spoken before
But we seem to run past good friends
There is this “jogger’s code”
When we run past, won’t you nod your head
And or under exhausted breath say hello

I guess at dusk and dawn these roads belong to us
We will run as friends pioneering new lands
And awakening tired muscles
We are alive
This our time, so we greet in appreciation of this ownership

I remember a time of English origin
When walking was ever more common among our folk
We would never have to look over our shoulders; but only
(In hearing a fellow greeting)
I long for that again

The view of life from this level
The smell of the moist air
The sound of the leaves crumpling beneath my shoes
Each pace packed with thoughts and health
The world needs to slow down. (Will you?)

Poem 18

What’s in a name?
28 March 2014

They’re really just labels on you
It’s the excuse I am using
I see you sometimes week in and week out
But oh, who are you
I forgot your name (again)

But what’s in a name?
Is my memory fried (But I didn’t even take drugs?)
But I smile all the same
I may not know your name
But would you remember my smile?

Your face I have seen
In a crowd, I would know
Maybe, let’s not exchange words,
But simple smiles….
Then I wouldn’t feel so bad

It’s in the eyes they say
I hope that’s true
May my eyes ever be attentive?
To your passing
“Hi, what’s your name?”

The Football
27 March 2014

I get rather dizzy,
And you often show me aggression.
But that’s what I was made for it.
My surface, your passion; they make a good team.

I probably travel a lot of distance when I’m called to action.
Probably more than any player that arrives to the pitch.
You who complained about being treated like a doormat? Being walked all over…
How about being me? Kicked constantly…

At least my ego is not involved?!
The best sensation!
Is when you kick me so sweetly!
That in the next moment I feel the net’s comforting texture against my shell.

That’s what I was made for.
And when you and your mates celebrate.
I love seeing your passion lived out
Oh, for the love of the game…

poem 16

Thanks again to the brilliant photography from Amberafrica

Free Wheeling
26 March 2014

There is this game I play
Late at night when most of you are sleeping
Oh, these streets are so quiet.
There is a part where I can put foot (as they say)
And pick up a lot of speed…

Then, I put the car in neutral
And let it do its own thing
Man and machine
Seeing if they can do the challenge
All the way, from here….

Your televisions are off
Your beds are warm
Your day has drawn to an end
And we come free-wheeling past
Dare us, to disturb the peace…

Oh no, we like this moment of serenity
As your house numbers swoosh past us
The momentum of neutral…

poem 15

Thanks to amberafrica for her pic. This boy pushing his bike captured the title “free wheeling” for me. Artistic flare, I guess :)

Car box conversations
25 March 2014

We’re confined to this space
As the changing scenes flash by.
The city lights
The starry lights

Words, race between us
Like a tennis match, back and forth
Because this is what friends do?
Yeah, that’s what they do.

Some moments of silence slow us down
Then we start up again
Ever changing geographical and conversational scenarios
Let’s embrace this moment

I get to know you.
You get to know me.
Distance covered.
Distance gained.

poem 14

Again this picture was given to me from amberafrica Thank you!