Yesterday I received an email from my tutor of my short story writing course that I did back in 2011.

I did the course through: SA Writer’s College.

Yesterday, my tutor (Ginny Swart) congratulated me for making the shortlist for a recent short story competition:

writing compo

I had to write a short story using 2000 words.
More details for the compo HERE

I don’t mind what happens now.
But am thankful and stoked (happy) for making the shortlist of 25.

My proud moment…

Life is often busy and noisy. However, on Monday night (24 March 2014), it seemed the world had a repose. There at the Barnyard Theatre, the incredible innovators of Martin and Cheryl Engel organized the most amazing gig. Their band Connecting Stars and many talented local artists, blew us away with their inspiring heart felt music.

IMG_1692 (Large)

With their debut album just recently released; they showcased all their songs on that album.

And they brought all their friends along too. The stage was graced with the presence and talent of John Ellis, Nibs van der Spuy, TRESOR and the young Rowan Stuart.

Their first single PIECES was a crowd favourite. Thanks to East Coast Radio; it has already had some good airplay.

I really enjoyed seeing Tresor (a muso from Congo) and Connecting Stars playing together his reggae feeling song: COMPLETE.

IMG_1706 (Large)

(Official Music Video for that song, click HERE )

Cheryl has the most incredible voice and vocal range.  Her voice had everyone in the room listening in awe; and paying attention to her heart-stirring lyrics.  (This band is going places!  Watch this space.)

What a great evening! Having Nibs, Rowan and John Ellis all displaying their brilliant skills on their guitars.

Martin and Cheryl also shared a vision of theirs as Connecting Stars to CONNECT local businesses with local smaller community carers and world changers.

Subscribe to their YouTube channel here for more news on that coming soon:

Connecting Stars YouTube Channel

“Your pieces, my pieces somehow they fit, caught up in this endless moment.”

(Be warned this song will have you singing / humming along for hours afterwards)

IMG_1703 (Large)

Connecting Stars first single here:

Okay okay, before Lent begins I want to write another blog…

There is a favourite road of mine nearby…

In Hillcrest; where I live there is an area called Winston Park. I am currently house sitting there.

Its a stunning neighbourhood.

Now there is this road that is about 3km long that you have to drive along to get into this pleasant neighbourhood.

The road is call Jan Smuts Avenue.
And what makes this avenue so beautiful are the trees!

For the entire length of that road there is a row on each side; of these tall trees that tower of us as we drive through.

(I will try upload a photo tomorrow)

But wow! It’s absolutely breath taking!
When the afternoon suns rays shine through the trees…
When the rain pitter patters on the leaves…
When autumn comes around and the leaves float to ground and they crunch under your feet…

The melody of nature :)

Then when I either drive in or out of the neighbour and either end are four way stops.
There are often domestic workers (maids and gardeners) who require a lift.

I love helping.
On my favourite stretch of road I get to express some good humanity and help others.
That walk is long…
I have space in my car…
So I can extend an action of grace…

Ah; one day I hope you get to drive along one of my favourite roads…

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To all the people who follow and read and comment on this blog.  a BIG thank you to you.

For LENT, I have decided to give up blogging.

Why you may wonder?

I just prayed and thought about what to give up and this came to mind.

I won’t STOP writing.  I like it too much.

But I will write without publishing it to my BLOG.

When I come back after Easter; I hope to OFFER some interesting piece of writing. to you, the reader.

So on the down low; I hope to present a decent creative piece after this lenten journey.  (let’s hope those creative juices flow)

See you on the other side…


I just wanted to share a fun ride I had.

This was my first mountain bike race.

I loved it!  I felt alive.  Hence the smile on my face in these pics.

They came off the ROAG website.

I will soon get to buy one or two of the photos.

Here are a collection of some race pics and my time:

1 hour 36 minutes and 15 seconds.

Not bad, right?

Capture Capture2 ride 2 ride 3 ride 4 ride

Not bad for my first race; I’d think. :)

Have loved this band for ages!
I love the band name. So cool!
I really dig how they do a lot of “double singing” yeah it’s a phrase that I made up.
Some call them an emo band.
(Emo, is a genre of music, for the ignorant ;)

This is the first song of their new album (coming soon): Happiness is

Taking Back Sunday – Flicker Fade

If you should change your name,
I’ll love you just the same
and if you should run away,
I would save your place
so you can go, go, go
if you want to I wouldn’t try
and stop you
but I couldn’t say I blame you

Flicker flicker fade, destroy what you create
and wonder why it always looks the same,
you wonder why it always looks the same

When I said “I hate that song”
about fire and sex you love,
I couldn’t tell you why,
why I did it, why I lied
and I know it’s wrong, wrong, wrong
it’s evil but true it’s what
I want to make you
(so I can say I blame you) so I can say I blame you

Flicker flicker fade, destroy what you create
and wonder why it always looks the same,
Flicker flicker fade, destroy what you create
and wonder why it always looks the same,
you wonder why it always looks,
you wonder why it always looks the same

You live your life, like you’re not in control.
Like you’re playing alone.
You live your life, like you’re not in control.
Like you’re playing all wrong.
You wonder why it always ends the same.
You wonder why it always ends (destroy what you create)
Wonder why it always ends

See u after Easter for a new batch of “Song of the week”

Godspeed, until then.

I came across this article from Relevant Magazine.
(Love their articles, mostly: Relevant (pun not intended) and non – cheesy.)

But this paragraph from a recent article annoyed me a bit:

Our calling was never meant to be easy. It sounds glamorous when we talk about our dreams and all the awe-inspiring things we believe God is birthing out of us: planting a new church, starting a worship team, beginning a ministry or going on a mission trip. Yet, when we find ourselves in the middle of the desert or valley in pursuit of that calling, we can begin to question whether our dreams were actually God-inspired. Even worse, we doubt our ability to keep moving forward to see the calling through to completion.

This is too narrow minded for me.
Why does “calling” always have to do with the church?
I’ve read many articles like this.
They pump out all the “cliche callings”

planting a church, worship team, begin a ministry, a mission trip.


The church are giving people a narrow view of what calling is about…

Could not CALLING also refer to:

Starting a business
Becoming a teacher
Saying “yes”
Join a sport’s team
Go travelling
Study law
Write a story book (not even a Christian one ;))
Being a dad or mom

I believe God calls us to things that are also OUTSIDE of all these church things we keep getting told about.

Do my thoughts here, make sense?