I love music.  I really do.  I’d like to say of myself that I think in lyrics.  I have a library of lyrics in my mind.

Emery, Underoath, The Almost, Relient K, Switchfoot, Twin Forks, Dave Matthews Band, Thousand Foot Krutch.

I often tell people, the two big languages that God speaks to me in; are “being in creation,” gosh, the world is so full of evidence of the Creator.

The other language is that of lyrics.  I can be driving in my car, and a lyric jumps out at me grabbing me by the throat and heart.

Kings of Leon, John Mayer, Lorde, Dear Reader, Gravity Wins Again, MxPx, Pearl Jam, REM.

I often have my iTunes playing or a CD at home jamming.  And often variate the bands on my usb stick in my car.

(By the way, that’s a great invention!)

The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Angels and Airwaves, Blink 182, Alter Bridge, Prime Circle.

I have this controversial theory about music and it’s influences.

I am not a fan of the “pop culture” following of music.  People only liking a song because everyone else does.  Or because it has radio play.  How fickle!

The worst answer to give me; when I ask you what music you like is to say: “I listen to everything. I don’t have a favourite.”

Rubbish!  That means you don’t have a leg to stand on… in the music world.  Harsh, I know.  But have some conviction about music.  Know why you like the song you like?  And don’t just know the SINGLE… that’s a poor sighted view of music.

Speaking of rubbish…

Garbage, Matt Redman, Dead Poetic, Anberlin, The Classic Crime, Eminem, Matthew Mole.

About my theory. I battle with hip-hop.  I mean I dig Eminem.  He sings about real issues…

But here is my controversial theory:

when I was growing up, a lot of people would refer to ROCK music as the devil’s music.  That’s crap!

In fact, I’d tell you the devil is having a field day with pop music and hip-hop.

So in my country, a lot of folk who have AIDS (except those who’ve been raped or born with it) get it from their own stupid actions.

And you know what is their influence.  Their bullshit pop music that they listen to:

Think about the lyrics: “I want to undress you” “dancing right up against you on the dance-floor” “where you going girl lookin’ like that, come over here” ah man… the list is endless… full of sexual innuendo, sleeping with one another, and: a girl is just a “piece of meat” that industry is pumped with that nonsense.

And then these people are like “why do, I have AIDS?” stop sleeping around!  Stop listening to the crap that you do!

Bastille, Imagine Dragons, Ard Matthews, John Ellis, Johnny Clegg, Vusi Mahlasela, Coldplay, Rise Against, Chevelle.

There are good movies that you should watch about music.

Music & Lyrics, Almost Famous and my favourite is August Rush.

There have been bands that have inspired me along the way, convicted me as I have grown up.

Blindside, As Cities Burn, Counting Crows, The Cure, Violent Femmes.

I once interviewed the lead singer of the band, Blindside from Sweden.  I was working as a DJ on Link FM down in the Eastern Cape. (South Africa.)  Ah, I really loved that job.

Enter Shikari,  Foo Fighters, POD, Pillar, Skillet, Jars of Clay, Aaron Gillispie, Thrice , Dustin Kensrue.

Here are just some lyrics that have jumped out at me:

“But I know as I hammered those nails into your beautiful hands
Your eyes still try to search for mine, but I look away
Now your eyes are the only thing that can save me” Blindside

“I am a nomad – a wanderer; I have nowhere to lay my head down.
There’s no point in putting roots too deep when I’m moving on.
I’m not settling for this unsettling town.
My heart is filled with songs of forever -
Of a city that endures, where all is made new.” Thrice

“Then I fly back to my nest, I fly back with my nuclear but everything is different
So I wait, my yearn for home is broadened, patriotism expanded by callings from beyond
So I pack my things nothing precious all things sacred” Alanis Morissette

Paramore, Funeral for a Friend, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mat Kearney, Nirvana, Oasis, Live, 12 Stones, Lifehouse.

And to make this post even more fun, some of the band names, if you click on them… will lead you to a cool music video…

there are still many bands that can go on my list… but I don’t want to go on and on and on and on…

Dear (young) Darrel,

I am writing from the future. (Yes, such a concept is not possible) – However I ask that you will use your imagination.
Come to think of it. That will be one of your many gifts.
You are a creative individual. Never stop using that creative flare!

So I think if anyone got a glimpse of who they would be in the future; it wouldn’t be useful to their present.
Because in knowing how we turn out stifles us from living each day to the max.
Loving the small and big things of life.
Appreciating each day.

I will tell you this, however:
You turn out okay, in fact: far more than just: okay!

Some advice, perhaps:

In school, you will be quiet. (Not sure why?) But try not be.
Speak out more. Try school plays. Try play rugby from an earlier age. Actually try a whole lot of things.
But trust me, when you’re my age… you’re going to have a big passion and love for football (soccer).
It’s a pity schools won’t offer that when you get there.
(Our country that we find ourselves in will still need to evolve into offering more subjects and sports variety in schools.)

I really don’t want to tell you too much.
Just enjoy the ride.
Your parents will love you well. And do their best for you.
You will have a brother.
He is really so cool. He will be your best friend throughout your life.
He’s a talented ginger, that one.
You will be proud of him.

_Scan10121 (Medium)

Anyway here, I go being a chatterbox about your future. Funny thing is, in school, you will be quiet.
Perhaps, it’s because you won’t feel comfortable with the “mold” that try and put you in.

You see society, starting at school likes to put you in one of a very few categories of people.
You won’t fit any of those categories. So hang in there.
You will beam. You will shine.
You make take some time, but you’re so worth it.

I don’t want to tell you too much (haha, I keep saying that)
But by the time, you reach my age. 34 years young; you will have:

Lived in 3 countries
9 cities / towns
Travelled to 10 countries. (I won’t tell you which ones)
You will have met a whole bunch of kiff people.
You will discover something call Facebook and just smile at all the “Facebook friends” you have.
Most of them you know and carry a little (or perhaps a big) memory with them. Embrace that!
You will meet a beautiful girl (from some little town meaning “second”), you and her will fall in love and experience what that means.

You’re gonna go far kid,
You’re gonna follow an unconventional way.
I’m so proud of you.

Love you the world,

34 year young, Darrel

PS. Drink beer. It’s cool.
PSS. God is going to blow your mind (in a good way) and fill your heart massively.

This band doesn’t exist anymore. R.I.P.
Wish they did. The three albums they offered the world were brilliant.
Packed with genuine and convicting lyrics.

This song popped into my head earlier:

Off the album: Vices.

She told me don’t let them in
You’re a copy of a copy
She told me don’t come again
This is awful, this is all wrong

Now I feel it coming back again
Slide down the walls on the floor
Oh, I’ll pretend
This isn’t happening this time

She told me, stop listening
To the voices and what they said
She told me don’t fall again
I am wretched, I am loathed

She told me, don’t kill the villains
The pain is not escaping
She told me, don’t kill the villains
Just let them feast on their own perfection

She told me, don’t kill the villains
The pain is not escaping
She told me you cannot stay
But I’m stable, I’m okay

I said it, we all regret it
Now this room is cold and spinning
Give us cause to keep them
Breathing again this time

She told me don’t let them in
You’re a copy of a copy

No, this is not about some dodgy office antics. ;)

This is about the actual bird:


The Secretary Bird is a rare sighting indeed.

On Saturday, after some brunch and some geocaching with friends, Catherine and I sat in the back of the car and watched as the surrounding grasslands raced by.

It was then, that I tapped her on the shoulder enthusiastically and pointed out the bird in the distance.
I wished we had stopped.
I should have said something.
Perhaps even taken a photo.

But I was stunned.
This was a rare sighting. I was super thrilled to have seen it.

I told Catherine, “You need to understand that one doesn’t often get to see that bird. It’s scarce.”

The last time I had seen a secretary bird was probably in the Drakensburg around 10 – 15 years ago.

This is difficult to pinpoint one person.  Because; I can’t really think of one person that has made a massive impact on me in the last few weeks or months…

That’s not a sad thing.  Perhaps living in community, rubbing shoulders with others… people make small impacts on our lives along the way.

If we added all those little impacts that would surely amount to something big?


This morning, I sat in a little church in Secunda where an 83 year old woman preached with such conviction.

He words, the message she delivered… carried an impact :)


As I drove home today from visiting my girlfriend, in those 5 hours, many artists made an impact on me with their lyrics:

“And if I am your child
Then why should this side us
Let fear overcome my line of sight
I’ll be more inclined to You” (Matthew Mole)

“Open up your hands
Synchronize your plans and find the way to go
Open up your hands
Synchronize your plans and find the way home” (Matthew Mole)

“You live your life like you’re not in control.
Like you’re playing a role.
You live your life like you’re not in control.
Like you’re playing a role (convince me).
You wonder why it always ends the same (convince me).
You wonder why it always ends
(destroy what you create)
Wonder why it always ends, it always ends the same” (Taking Back Sunday)

“If you need some quiet time
To process all that guilt
Well the desert lasts for days and out there
There’s nothing else to do” (Taking Back Sunday)

“So, put a posy in your hair
Pretend you couldn’t give a care
Whistle past the graveyard
Even the dead deserve a song” (Twin Forks)


So there you have it.  Some little impacts combined for a greater affect!

Who knows, maybe even the words you say may inspire others?  Use your words wisely.  Speak adding light and love to others!



So I have been away for a few days visiting Catherine, so decided to put a pause on these daily blog challenges. But I’m back.

This is by far my favourite quote / conversation from Man on Fire:


Rayburn speaks about Creasey:

“A man can be an artist… in anything, food, whatever. It depends on how good he is at it. Creasey’s art is death. He’s about to paint his masterpiece.

And then Creasy goes and kicks some ass! :)
Dig it!

They always move so fast.
Music blaring, or parents yelling
As they drive past.
Would they listen, I got some views worth telling?

I’m perched up here looking for some food.
I wish you could see life from this angle.

My friends, why are your eyes always so locked to your phones.
I want you to lift your heads. Feel that breeze comb your hair.
Feel the warm sunshine brush against your cheek.
See the wispy clouds dancing in the blue sky.

I’ve noticed a few times too, how you would just drop a piece of rubbish on the ground.
Look up, 100 metres ahead, there is a rubbish bin.
Care for this world.
It’s stunning!
I wish I could lift you on my shoulders and show you what I mean.

I often see you trying to climb “ladders” that apparently lead to success.
Rather, grab a ladder and join me.
I overhear your conversations.
Trying to outdo one another. Be better and better.
You never seem happy.

You also spend hours on how you appear.
You depends on outer garments and gel in your hair to make you fit it.
It seems so primitive and backwards.
And tiresome.

Some days there are amazing currents.
I leave this perch and I go and dance with the wind
My feathers bask in the sunlight as I spread my wings.
Our Creator once had someone pen these wise words:

“And you will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and grow weary”

The world is wrong… about themselves.
The things that they find important.
They chase after their tails like a foolish dog.

However, a few times I catch a glimpse of hope.
The other day, while I was perched up here.
I saw them.

They stood hand in hand, looking out over the beautiful valley.
The day was drawing to an end.
The colours of dusk filled the sky.
He whispered something so adorable to her.
(The actual words don’t matter)

There was no climbing any ladders, stepping on others toes.
It was just two people.
Enjoying a moment.
And in love.

Perhaps, the world is wrong… (at times…)

But in moments like this, they seem to get it:

Love and beauty,
is what we were born for…


(diary of Yellow Billed Kite)