Poem 7 – Clouds

Posted: September 19, 2014 in My Writings, Poems and Pieces
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17 March 2014

You bring moods
You bring motivation
Looming over our lives
Our world is covered

No escape
But not afraid
A day to know
Things that are deeper

A respite
A reason
A change of a season
Looming, longing, this is life

poem 7

(One of my first Instagram pictures)

14 March 2014

You break through barriers
Of reason and science
To get my attention
We all know You are there

From the pages of daily words
Printed many months ago
Yet the message is pertinent to here and now
How uncanny of You

I busy myself
When all I need is stillness
And through the “noise” of another episode
In the Series you use the Fray
To say “be still and know”

Oh, I know that you are there

poem 6

(Today’s photo is taken from my friend Shari who blogs HERE.  She blogs under Amberafrica.  This is her latest: POST

11 March 2014

They tried to restrict us to 144 characters
They tried to put borders between us
They tried striking their services
They tried shutting off the power

But they won’t win
We are made to communicate
And in the end…
They made a way

Come high waters and beating rains
We waited as the delivery came by sea
Then they took to the skies
And weeks became days

But now,
It takes seconds.
You type your lines
I write my words

Send, receive, send receive
Bing, you’ve got mail
And so do I
They made a way that we can stay in touch

No matter the borders…


Poem 4 – Measuring

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10 March 2014

Battery dead.
GPS lost.
App unavailable.
Soul thwarted.
All for the measure…

Why don’t I
Just run for
For running’s sake
No distance recorded
All for no measure…

We want to improve
No harm in that;
But the obsession is!
Sometimes just do it
Run with no measure…

poem 4

Poem 3 – Rain

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Day 3 – Rain
9 March 2014

You fall so softly
Bringing peace and growth
I don’t count sheep
I count your pitter patter

Resting, collecting dreams
You slow the race down
People, need to breathe
Inhale, exhale…

Dancing with the breeze
Watering this land
Reminding this soul
Pause. Pleasant

Poem 3

Day 2 – Dirty Shoes
8 March 2014

Oh the many grounds you have tread upon
Tonight you splatter in the mud,
With such content.
Life is beautiful, you muse.
(Ironically, covered in slushy dirt)

If you had to count the miles
You have covered.
The foreign and local lands
You are well schooled
(In dealing with traction)

If you had a bank,
The memories you would store
All so precious
All so golden
(So remain silent, soaking)

poem 2

I happened to watch America’s Got Talent (which is far poorer version) of Britain’s Got Talent.

But anyway… I watched this guy, Paul Leti.

What an incredible audition! His voice and his story… moved everyone there to a standing ovation.

He said he served in the US army and was stationed in Afghanistan.
When his patrol where scared or missed home they asked him to sing.
During his audition, you understand why. Yoh!

I think his voice is so soulful… but I really liked his presence too.
It was vulnerable.
It was that of that “arrogance” and “showmanship confidence” of the pop industry.

This was a guy, who had seen horrible things in the arm.
Had lived in a place of unrest.
And used singing to bring calm to his own soul and others.

Watch the clip and be inspired!